Our Journey So Far

In 2004, Sigma started its journey with a vision to be a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered aerospace products. More than a decade has passed, and with the help of a great strategy, hardworking employees, and supportive customers, Sigma has become just that.

Now, we largely serve the civil and military Aerospace sectors specialising in supplying parts and services to OEMs and Tier 1’s in both Airframe and Engine. We are a trusted supplier of precision-engineered rigid pipes and manifolds, ducts, sheet and machined details, fabrications and sub-assemblies, specialist fasteners, and much more.

The Rebrand

Today, Sigma has unveiled a brand-new logo and entirely new look, which marks a considerable milestone in our 17-year journey. This reflects on everything that our brand stands for and what we envision to become as we move forward into an exciting new future.

This significant transformation has not only focused on refreshing the logo and colour scheme. We have also updated our website, relaunched our LinkedIn profile, and adapted our brand image to represent the high-quality manufactured products and services that are the foundation of Sigma’s portfolio and customer offering.

Our Vision, Mission and Values.

When we embarked on our rebranding journey, we quickly realised that to redefine our positioning and rejuvenate the look and feel of Sigma, we also needed to rethink our vision, mission and values.

After interviewing our customers and stakeholders, pulling all the information together, and focusing on key phrases and words, we were able to identify a new vision and mission and re-confirm our values.

Our redefined Vision: To be the supplier and partner of choice in everything we do. On every engine, every airframe.

We will do this by delivering on our Mission: to precisely deliver on our promise, every time. 

Our Values are at the forefront and soul of our business and everyday operations, and guide us in what we do today and in the future:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Diligence
  • Safety

With these changes comes a new look and feel to the visual aspects of Sigma.

The New Logo and Brand Identity

We chose a distinctive identity that reflects a more modern look – one that embodies and brings to life our vision, mission, and values.

The shape and design of the new logo replaces the outdated and complex one with a more clean-cut, professional, and industrial feel, which better emphasises Sigma as being a best-in-class manufacturer of aerospace products and services.

Our new colour palette symbolises optimism strength, and success, reflecting our commitment to our mission and vision. The primary colour, Sigma Orange, gives the identity an eye-catching characteristic and the ability to stand out within the industry. 

Collectively, our new brand identity reflects what we do as a business; being precise and focused on quality and safety.

Our Online Presence

Our new website focuses on the user experience. This means we present only the information needed, making it more organised and easier to access. It is created with industry-specific areas – Airframe, Power & Systems, and Services – enabling ease of navigation to the content and products that resonate specifically with users needs.

You can now also keep up-to-date with Sigma by following us on LinkedIn.

What Will Not Change

Behind the new Sigma brand, we are still the same company and team, dedicated to providing you with the best possible products, services and solutions.

The rebrand is an investment to strengthen Sigma. An essential step to ensuring the future growth of the company. We thank our employees, customers, and stakeholders for their continuing support.

Our New Contact Details

Website: https://sigma-aero.group
Email: sales@sigma-aero.group
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sigma-aero-group