Sigma offers a comprehensive range of specialist fasteners and self-locking nuts for a variety of aerospace applications. Offering a complete design, test and approval service for customers, we support the most stringent needs of OEM and Tier 1 companies in the power & systems markets.

Specialist fasteners and self-locking nuts are designed and manufactured using stainless steel and Inconel to operate reliably in the most highly technical and harsh applications and environments, resisting extreme pressures and high temperatures.


  • Silver Plated AS Standard Nuts
  • Silver Plated Self-Locking Nuts
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners

Our engineers develop and qualify these fasteners and self-locking nuts using a finite element model and support of empirical data. We can also customise these parts to the specification needs of the customer, with variations of thread, diameter and finish.


  • Accreditied to recognised industry standards
  • In-house designers and engineers
  • Comprehensive machining and testing
  • Sizes from 3/16″ to 1.1/4″ pipe OD
  • Turnkey project management
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners
  • Aerospace Specialist Fasteners

In addition, we manufacture and supply our own SigmaLite range of aircraft parts, home to a new version of the self-locking nut. Sigma also offers concept designs for a range of lightweight metallic end fittings manufactured using traditional and additive manufacturing techniques. We also offer metallurgical solutions for testing the safety and quality of specialist fasteners for various aerospace applications.

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For more information on our SigmaLite range or to find out how Sigma can work with you to meet your specialist fastener requirements, please contact our sales team.