Aerospace fixtures are essential work-holding devices, usually made from aluminium and used during the manufacture, assembly and inspection of aircraft parts.

Sigma offers a complete design, manufacture and calibration service for hard fixturing providing repeatability, accuracy and productivity. We also hold a full spectrum of modular fixturing solutions for flexibility and fast make requirements.

Aerospace Fixtures

Hard Fixtures

  • Dual purpose: assembly aid and ICY validation
  • Manufactured and calibrated to original CAD coordinates
  • Robust aluminium construction
Aerospace Fixtures

Modular Fixtures

  • Multiple sets to support mass part number inload
  • Pre-drawing release tooling solutions
  • Supports all product configurations
  • To support rapid prototyping

Our machinery, processes and systems satisfy the requirements of OEM and Tier 1 companies and meet the demands of components regardless of complexity or size. Using either customer-supplied CAD model data or master pipes, our engineers will design and model bespoke aerospace fixtures for building and inspecting parts, including tube and pipe assemblies.

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