Sigma has specialist capabilities and production processes for accredited aerospace polishing and finishing on a range of civil and military components and parts.

It’s our focus to provide the highest calibre metal finishing services for the demanding aerospace, power & defence industries. Absolute precision and care is taken to meet a range of rigorous international standards, ensuring quality, safety and durability of parts.

Aerospace Polishing


  • One-off aircraft parts
  • Turbine blades and other engine parts
  • Undercarriage landing gear parts
  • Aerospace Polishing
  • Aerospace Polishing
  • Aerospace Polishing

Specialist Titanium Polishing:

  • Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Dedicated, Fully Enclosed Titanium Polishing Area
  • Full Titanium Polishing and Finishing Approvals
  • High Quality Precision Polishing of Titanium Products

Finishing Processes

Our complete series of component finishing processes range from specialist blisk polishing and high-quality precision polishing to de-burring and barrelling.

In addition to this, we supply:

  • CMM Inspection: Full dimensional measurement and reporting for turbine blades and Aero-Engine components. We utilise two Sheffield Discovery CMM machines with ultrasonic thickness measuring capability.
  • Managed Services: Total management of final processes. Alongside the finishing procedures listed, NDT Etching (non-destructive testing) and Shop Peening can also be provided.
Aerospace Polishing

Component Finishing Processes

  • De-burring: Including raw investment castings, in a wide range of exotic metals and materials.
  • Finished polishing: Including vibro-polishing and super-polishing to meet the most stringent quality levels.
Aerospace Polishing

Mass Processing of Aerospace Components

  • Centrifugal High Energy Barrelling System
  • Super Polishing
  • Titanium
  • Vibro Polishing

A complete logistics service is also available to meet demanding delivery schedules.

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